Our Programs

Each year the Lowell Education Foundation (LEF) awards approximately $20,000 in grants to teachers through its Staff Innovative Grants program.

Grant Application Form

Basic Guidelines

  • All grant entries must be submitted using the online form.
  • All LAS teachers are eligible to apply for grants.
  • Grant proposals should be designed to meet the LEF’s mission of providing funding for innovative learning and enhanced programs for the students of Lowell Area Schools.
  • Each teacher is eligible for up to $750. Groups of teachers collaborating on a grant project are eligible for their combined total.
  • The Foundation does not fund grants for food, t-shirts, or substitute costs.

Important Dates

  • Mid September: Grant application period begins
  • Mid October: Deadline for submission of grant applications
  • Mid-Late October: Grants reviewed by Ed Foundation Board
  • November: Deadline for notification to applicants of grant awards
  • (Exact Dates To Be Determined)

Helpful Hints

  • This grant is for new ideas and materials. The grant is not intended to purchase general supplies or to fund regular classroom requirements.
  • The more complete your application is, the better chance that it will be understood by the Foundation. Please be clear about how exactly your grant will be put to use in your classroom.
  • If your grant is for a technology item, the Foundation needs to be told exactly how you would use it to teach your assigned curriculum.
  • If you are unsure about your idea for a grant project, send it in anyway. The LEF wants to support and encourage our teachers however it can.
  • If you have questions about this grant process, please email lefgrants@lowellschools.com.
Thank you for your support of and interest in the Innovative Grant program. We look forward to receiving your grant requests.