Tribute Tree

Tribute Tree “A growing endowment” is a way for friends and community members to honor or memorialize individuals who have helped improve the educational environment of our children. With your contribution of $400 or more, you not only leave a legacy or honor someone who made a difference, you make exciting learning opportunities possible for children in Lowell, When in full bloom, the Tribute Tree will have an endowment of at least $160,000. The proceeds will be used to fund grants for Lowell Area School projects. So far, the Tribute Tree has over 80 leaves. Will yours be next? Thank you to Tribute Tree Leaf Recipients


Teresa Beachum
Dale Minier
Jeff Bunn
Mark Howe
Lila Gummet


Norm and Rosemary Byrne
Mark and Ginny Weber
Brent Noskey


Nancy Wood
Lowell Women’s Club
David Simmonds


Dave and Jan Thompson


Ivan Blough
Bob and Lanie Rice


Dave Burdette
Jim White


David Pasquale
Roger L. Kropf
King Doyle
Bill Stouffer
Laura Becker


Dale Latva
Karen Latva
Barbara J. Brown
Elizabeth “BJ” Thompson
Marie Peterson
Betsy Davidson


Sandy Graham
Barb Pierce


As of July 2008
Dick and Mary Alice Bancroft
Gordon and Susan Barry
Phil Beachler
Art Bieri
Alice and John Blanding
Bert Bleke
Carolyn Jane Blough
Jane Bosserd
Jim Bosserd
Melanie Brim
Rev. Ellen Brubaker
Helen A Burch
Norm Byrne
Carrol “Chris” Burch
Class of 2003
Dode Collins
Rex Collins
Bob Copeland
Karen Corbett
Christopher Cunningham
Delores Dey
George E. Dey, Jr.
Noel Dean
King Doyle
Al Eckman
Harold and Mildred Englehardt
Donald Roy Fizer
Jack Fonger
Susan Frasier
Dr. Donald Gerard
Sally Gunberg
Pete Gustafson
Diane Hammerman
Emma Kropf
McDonald Herron
Margaret Hoats
Jack “Bud” Howe
Linda Howes
Steve Idema
Kay Jones
Herman “Pop” Kline
Kurt Lardie
Norma Lane
Margaret and Bruce McMahon
Frank and Margaret McMahon
Don and Ellura McPherson
Maureen “Pinky” McPherson
Kelsay E. Meyers
Shari Miller
Ann Mulder
Rachel Penninga
Bob Perry
Barb Pierce
Charlie Pierce
Ray Quada
Claudia Raber
Terry and Nancy Raymor
Carol Reagan
Dr. Robert Reagan
Lanie Rice
Robert Rice
Ilene Roth
Dave Scigliano
Donna M. Simpson
Bradford Spoelman
Mike Stephens
Lucas Swanson
Shelly Swift
Kathy Talus
David L. Thompson
Janice Thompson
Ruth Thurtell
Amanda Tichelaar
John R. Timpson
Suzanne, Jeffrey, and Todd Timpson
Dorann Truax
Chris and Jill VanAntwerp
Scott Vashaw
Will, Ann, Thomas, and Lindsay Welsh
Molly Wepman
James C. White
Marsha Wilcox
Everett and June Wittenbach
Betty Yeiter
2001-2002 Teaching Staff
2002-2003 Teaching Staff
2003-2004 Teaching Staff
2004-2005 Lowell Area Schools Teachers and Staff
2005-2006 Lowell Area Schools Teachers and Staff
2006-2007 Lowell Area Schools Teachers and Staff